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Brisa Cubana is a destination management company dedicated to providing once-in-a-lifetime tours of Cuba.

With our experiences in the country, we know the best guides, amazing hidden restaurants, and most comfortable casas to offer you customized service.

Brisa Cubana believes that every trip is different.

We design a trip just for you. Making every impossibility possible, we want to offer you the best experience possible.

We are not interested in offer standard package tours. We consider your travel experience as if it was ours, and then we make plans and design your adventure based on your personal interests such as gastronomy, music, culture, people, photography, sports, and so on.

Local minds with
international eyes

Cuba is our home and we’re constantly exploring it.

We are a team of experts living in Cuba. We have a tourist’s appreciation for what a destination can offer and the local know-how to be able to execute a flawless experience.

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Luxury in every sense

We believe that luxury isn’t just a question of price.

For us, it is watching an elderly Cuban couple dancing perfectly and sensually in the rustic bar or waiting for the perfect sunset in the beautiful scenery of Trinidad on the rooftop of the casa before an amazing dinner. We arrange luxury moments that you cannot buy with money.

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9PM in Cuba

The Cuban health care system  is one of the best in the world, despite the economic problems that are affecting the country. It has always proved that it is at the forefront and it is the head of the solidarity [...]

Cuba vs Coronavirus

It is known worldwide that Cuba has one of the most effective health systems of the globe. Despite of many obstacles, the Caribbean Island is leader in many branches of pharmaceutical industry and medical care. But, why is the Cuban [...]


Soroa and its neighbor, Las Terrazas, are natural landscapes of great beauty and diversity, considered Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Both are located in the municipality of Candelaria, Artemisa Province, which is located in the Sierra del Rosario Mountains. It takes [...]


Santeria (The way of the Saints) is an Afro-Caribbean religion based on Yoruba beliefs and traditions. It incorporates elements of several faiths and that is the reason why it is called a 'syncretic' religion. It has grown beyond its Yoruba [...]

“Sports: An Important Pillar of Cuban Society”

Sport is a very important aspect in any Cuban’s life. Cuba is viewed by many as "the best little sports machine in the world" because of the number of outstanding athletes it has produced over the years. Cuba has a [...]

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