Today is July 20th and Cuba, after having fought arduously and constantly against the pandemic that has been plaguing the world for the last few months, today counts for the first time 0 cases of contagion.

Cuba is carrying out a series of measures to improve the economy of the country, which has been damaged by the pandemic and by the attacks from the United States government. These measures include the creation of stores to collect foreign currency where people must pay with the MLM (Freely Convertible Currency) card, and new strategies to resume national production and thus eliminate imports.

President Días Canel said: “We Cubans will be able to eat what we can produce”, making it clear that Cubans must step forward and work together to get out of this crisis that is affecting the world and fight against the economic blockade that United States has imposed on the island.

The Covid-19 continues to claim lives around the world and mainly in the United States, Brazil, and other more vulnerable countries. Cuba has been able to control the situation and for the next 6 months it will be taking both economic and sanitary measures to recover the economy of the country.