The Cuban health care system  is one of the best in the world, despite the economic problems that are affecting the country. It has always proved that it is at the forefront and it is the head of the solidarity movement that is saving lives around the world.

The COVID 19 is damaging most of the countries around the world and not just people’s health which is the most important thing in this moment; but, the economic sector. A lot of hospitals are collapsing and nobody has idea how this pandemic is going to finish.

Cuba took a step foward like in every similar event and now it is helping more than 15 countries that includes Italy and Andorra as critical zones. This is an example of courage and commitment of Cuba to the world.

The doctors, nursers, and the rest of the health staff are the soldiers of this war against an invisible enemy. That is the reason why we, as the rest of the population, appreciate the effort and sacrifice of our health staff and the families.

9:00pm, that was the chosen time, yes, the time to show our gratitude, the time to tell all the health angels that we are with them, the time to tell them that they are not alone. Havana is waiting everyday for the legendary signal of the Cannon Shot at 9:00pm. All the área near the Cabaña Fortress can hear the sound and it is when eveyone starts to clap as loud as possible for all the doctors aroud the world to hear. 9:00pm is the perfect momento to celebrate all together and tell anybody that Cuba is always present.