The excellent weather of Cuba, during the whole year, makes the Island a perfect place to visit. What is the best moment for your holidays in Cuba?
Let’s find the answer together.

Maybe, its geographical position is the key to reveal the perfect moment to visit Cuba. It’s weather is pleasant and subtropical and the influence of the trade winds of the ocean and warm currents from the Gulf Stream keeps the climate moderate, and less extreme than as in other tropical areas. The location of the Island definitely is an important aspect that keeps the equilibrium of weather in the biggest island of the Caribbean Sea.

In some countries you can appreciate the four seasons, perfectly defined (autumn, winter, spring, and summer). Cuba is completely different if we compare it to the rest of the world. The coolest time of the year is from December to February where the average maximum daily temperature is 25˚C and an average of 18˚C at night. Just in case of a cold front, temperatures at night can drop to around 10˚C in some places. The Cuban winter definitely can be summer in many countries like Russia, Canada, Japan, or United States, which makes this season the excellent moment for people from those countries to visit the Island. Cuba offers the possibility to leave the severe winter behind and enjoy a paradisiacal tropical weather.








Cuban people take their holidays on July and August (summer) and it is because beaches in the island get better. The temperature of the water is really nice and also the weather is excellent. This period is characterized by an intense heat throughout Cuba. However, the marine breezes help to keep the things tolerable when the heat and humidity rise. Cuban summer opens the doors for people who want to enjoy the powdery white sand bathed by crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Island.

In general, Cuba has a subtropical climate with an average of 330 days of sunshine a year. As you can see, the best moment to travel to Cuba is “every time”; the island enjoys an excellent weather almost every day of the year.