May is already here, the rainy season is coming and new interesting aspects of Cuban traditions emerge with it. Flowers get more beautiful and tropical fruits get sweeter, specially “Mangos”, which is one of the fruits that Cubans wait fretfully. Definitely you have to try it, what a great taste!!!

The first rain of May is near and many Cubans are ready for being blessed. It can sound strange, doesn’t it? What is the relationship between the first rain of May and blessing? For Cuban people the first rain of May has kind of powerful effects.
I heard once from an old woman that the first rain of May clean no just your body but your soul. I am not sure if it is a religious aspect or just a tradition that has being followed generations by generations, but what I perfectly know is that a lot of Cuban people get under the rain. Health care or good luck are some of the terms that are used to define this topic. It is said that the water of the first rain of May makes you flourish, it rejects all the bad influences of your life, and more important, you never get sick if you get under it; not flu, not fever. Impressive!!! Doesn’t it?