Continuing from the last articule, I’ll introduce three bright Cuban artists again today.

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The most popular songs/artist in Cuba 2020

4.El Chacal


Chacal Youtube Channel

Ramon Lavado Martinez, alias El Chacal、 a reggaeton singer born in Havana. The environment in which he grew up is reflected in his songs.

5.Descemer Bueno

Descemer Bueno Youtube Channel

Havana-born singer, composer, and producer. Throughout his career, he has won 17 nominations and 31 international awards, among which Latin Grammy, Latin Billboard, Premios Ronuestro and Premios Juventus stand out. His composition was also recognized at the 9 ASCAP (American Composers and Lyrics Publishers Association) Awards.

6.Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello Youtube Channel

Born in Havana and raised in Miami, Florida, USA. Debuted as a member of Fifth Harmony in 2013.