Covid-19 has created a total chaos in almost all the countries in the world, which have seen in their economic, health, and social systems collapse in short time. The situation is still very worrying in countries like India, Brazil, Rusia, and United States. The  responses to this pandemic have not been fully effective and it is still causing deaths and severely damaging the world economic system.

There are countries that have had very good results in the fight against Covid-19 and have even been able to help other nations to improve their situation. Cuba´s forceful response to the pandemic has caused the country to decrease infections and deaths. For this reason, the government has studied the possibility to start the post-covid19 recovery process with a series of measures that will be implemented to prevent new infections.

The different stages that the entire national territory will go through will be based on economic recovery, tourist development, energy saving, and , above all, avoiding a new spread of virus.

Some of the general measures that we must take into account:

  • Social distancing in places where services are provided.
  • Promote energy saving
  • Carry out real-time PCR on tourists arriving in Cuba to enjoy the touristic places that will be gradually opened.
  • Mandatory the use of masks
  • Prohibited the access of workers to the workplaces with respiratory symptoms
  • Mandatory hand disinfection with hydro-alcoholic substances or hypochlorite
  • It is mandatory that the temperatura of workers who work at borders (airports, ports, marines) has to be taken everyday.

Regarding Tourism:

  • Start the reopening of tourism in the domestic market
  • Hotels will operate with all their services and with a capacity up to 60% (depending on each hotel)
  • Rental Car service is closed
  • Non-hotel services will have a reopening up to 40%-50%
  • The nightclubs inside the hotels (cabaret,clubs,etc) will be reopened with a capacity of up to 30%-40%.
  • Travel agencies and tourism bureaus will be activated to commercialize products and services

Some measures that must be taken into account for the reopening of tourism in Cuba

  • Strengthen the communication mechanism with rental houses and sanitary control of tourists.
  • Increase epidemiological control during the stay of tourist in the hotels, with the presence of a doctor, nurse and higiene professional 24h in the center.
  • Establish quarantine for 7 days for workers serving in hotels.