Coppelia is everyone’s favorite in Cuba.

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Coppelia is everyone’s favorite in Cuba.

It is common sense that you have to wait in a “Cola” , which means “line” to buy things in Cuba. You can find lines in various places such as bakeries, supermarket, internet companies, and banks etc. And if you want to eat ice cream, you also have to line up.

There is a very delicious long-established ice cream chain store in Cuba. Its name is Coppelia parlor.

This is also one of the projects devised by Fidel Castro. The purpose was to create more ice cream flavors than in the United States. What a competition!

Coppelia was created in 1966, and at that time there were 26 flavors and 25 combinations to choose. On the contrary, in recent years, most of the time there are only a few flavors. .. .. or worst case just only one flavor. However, refurbished in 2019, flavors came back. Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate and strawberries, chocolate and honey, vanilla with cinnamon, chocolate mint, and orange pineapple. I’m sure that there is a flavor that you won’t see in your country.

Since it is a chain store, it exists in every prefecture, but the uniquest is the one in Vedado district of Havana. It’s the largest ice cream shop in the world that can accommodate up to 1000 people, and it extends outward from the central circle like a circus tent. Very modern for a 1966 building.

The name “Coppelia” was taken from the favorite ballet of Celia Sanchez, who survived the revolution with Fidel Castro.

Coppelia has become a landmark in the town and has become even more popular as it was featured in the Cuban movie Strawberry and Chocolate.

Coppelia is not a just an ice cream store. It’s a everyone’s favorite place to hang out with friends or spend time with family or even date with your partner.

We definitely recommend you to try it when you visit Cuba! Even if you don’t know the location, people around you will show you right away. We can also incorporate it into your private tour ♪

By the way, there are various salons, and the booths for CUC purchase and CUP purchase are separated, so when the line is too long, just look for a booth for CUC payment so that you do not spend too much time waiting. Good luck!

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