【Additional Info】Measurement against Covid-19

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【Additional Info】Measurement against Covid-19

The international airport Jose Marti in Havana has been opened since 15th of November and we shared measurement taken at the airport on the last article. And later, more detail were introduced by the government so we would like to update you here.

Please visit last article if you have not read it. ↓↓↓

Airport in Havana will reopen on 15th November.

Havana International Airport reopened and border measures

International Health Control Measures in the New Normal
(1) All travelers, regardless of origin, undergo a PCR test upon arrival.
(2) The result will come out within 48 hours, but until then, refrain from going out.
(3) The hotel’s medical team will take care of those who stay at the hotel. On the other hand, people staying at private lodging facilities are cared for by local doctors.
(4) If the result of the test on arrival is negative, the traveler may move freely after taking the infection prevention measures set by the Cuban authorities.
(5) On the other hand, foreign residents are treated the same as Cubans and undergo a second PCR test on the 5th day after entering to the country, and refrain from going out from home until the results are obtained. However, if you have been in Cuba for less than 5 days, you may leave the country unless the test result on arrival at the airport is positive.
(6) In case of positive confirmation, take measures to prevent the spread of infection, including hospitalization, medical treatment, and contact tracking.
(7) From December 1st, US $ 30 worth of sanitary measures including PCR tests will be collected.

Havana has already resumed flights from North America, Latin America and the Caribbean area and Europe, including American Airlines, Swift Airlines, Copa Airlines, JetBlue Airways, InterCaribbean Airways, Blue Panorama Airlines and Evelop Airlines.

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