Hotel built by American Mafia 

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Hotel built by American Mafia 

Hotel Capri, a hotel located in the new town of Havana called Vedard. Everyone in Cuba knows that this hotel was built by the American Mafia.

Hotel Capri opened in 1957, two blocks from Hotel Nacional de Cuba. It was one of the largest hotels in Cuba at the time, with 250 rooms and 19 floors. The hotel had a rooftop pool and a casino.

Cuba’s President Batista at the time enacted a law that would grant tax incentives, government loans, and casino licenses for whom wants to build a hotel cost over $ 1,000,000 or a nightclub over $ 200,000.

There, many gangsters flowed into the town to take advantage of it. Hotel Capri was built by a mafia boss called Santo Trafficante Jr. Originally he is from Tampa, Florida, who was controlling the entire Florida region and was one of the most powerful mafia bosses in the United States.

In 1960, due to a revolution by Fidel Castro and others, the casino was shut down and the hotel became a national property.

Although there is no casino, the hotel is still alive as Hotel NH Capri La Habana. It is now run by the Spanish hotel chain NH Hotel Group in collaboration with the Cuban government.

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