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Cooking Class in Cuba

Learn Cuban meal in one of the family Casa.

It is said that long ago it was very difficult for travelers visiting Cuba to find restaurants or places where you could buy good Cuban food. Approximately 10 years ago, the lack of places to taste the island’s food really turned into a rather adverse situation.

Currently this is no longer a problem, you may access many restaurants and paladares(private restaurants), mainly in tourist areas. You can even find many people on the street promoting and offering their services.

Cuba is an island!

And as travelers expect, you will have chance to taste excellent dishes, mainly those from the sea, such as lobster, fish, octopus, among others. However, if you thought that these dishes were part of the daily diet of the Cuban family, I am sorry to inform you that you were wrong! ! !

In the daily diet of the Cuban, there must be “meat”, especially pork is the most popular on the island. Cubans are generally carnivores! Pork dishes accompanied by foods that were part of the food of the island’s inhabitants since the time of the aborigines, such as beans and viands, are the base of the Cuban food.

To prepare the most popular cuban meal, we should start from the process of shopping products  that we are going to cook. Only seeing seasonal vegetables in the market, you will start feeling excited. The opportunity to communicate with people who are working at market or to ask for a check  like Cubans would do is a kind of experience that would immerse yourself to daily life in the country.

Once shopping is done, we are ready to visit Cuban Family’s house and start cooking.


Congrís o  Moro rice (beans y rice)

Pork Stake

Yuca with Mojo sause

Vegetable Salada  (tometo, cucumber, avocado, cabbage, etc)



We use instruments in the house to cook. Knives do not cut well, and frying pans and pots seem to be old, which means this environment is purely cuban. Preparing an exquisite Cuban food is not the only objective of this class, also you will be able to maintain direct contact with family members, children and neighbors that will make you understand more about daily life in a Cuban home.

Once cooking menu of the day is finished, it is time to savor our creation. You can have a unique experience. From the purchase to trying a delicious Cuban food in which you will be the protagonist in its preparation. This will be a space in which you will feel like one more Cuban.

¡Vamos a cocinar juntos ¡ Let’s cook together!

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