Recommended restaurant 4: NAO Bar Paladar

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Recommended restaurant 4: NAO Bar Paladar

Great place to enjoy excellent food and good live music with the best Mojitos!

They have fantastic live bands playing Cuban music every day, but the atmosphere is very quiet and nice.

Food is traditional Cuban cuisine with a hint of new arrange. We recommend the octopus, served beautifully inside a conch shell. (When they don’t have octopus, they use squids and they are good, too.) They also serve one of the best Ropa Vieja (national dishes of Cuba, consisting of stewed beef with vegetables).

The best Mojitos!

It is located close to Plaza de Armas in Old Havana, at the very end of the Obispo, which is a perfect escape from the noise of La Habana Vieja, and very convenient to get access to.

NAO Bar Paladar

Adress: Obispo 1 e/ San pedro Y Baratillo 10100 Havana, Cuba
Open: 12:00-24:00 7days a week
Make a reservation through the Facebook or phone
Phone: 52958209/52972804
Website: https: //

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