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Shooting, interview trip, overseas location coordination… count on us!!

As Brisa Cubana, we have dedicated a large part of service in the coordination of filming and journalistic work on the Island.

Television programs, photography, literary and journalistic works are some of the most outstanding.

Japanese television, newspapers and magazines have carried out various projects in Cuba and Brisa Cubana has been a fundamental link for the coordination and investigation of the different topics.

Currently, it is difficult to find efficient and experienced coordinators to guarantee this type of service.

About filming and journalistic coverage

  • Cuba is a socialist country, and it is the national institution that issues permits for filming and coverage, which makes it impossible for individuals to obtain permissions. For that reason, it is very important to connect with local press centers and state-owned companies that act on behalf of permission applications.
  • Our agency has a close network with these institutions based on trust and professionalism, and it has been strengthened by through the years.
  • Shooting in Cuba has many special points regarding the method of applying for a shooting permit and the method of shooting itself that have to be taken into account.
  • We have local staffs stationed at our company so that we have a possibility of having direct contact and support with our clients.

How long does it take to be able to travel to Cuba and carry out a project?

At first, please obtain a press visa from the Cuban Embassy in your country. (it may take 1-2 weeks) The application for filming permit can start in Cuba after the issuance of the press visa is confirmed. Depending on the volume of requests, destination, and the timing, it may take up to a month for the approval, so it is recommended that you have enough time for the whole precess.

How much is the estimated cost for shoot/interview project?

To work in Cuba costs higher than in other Latin American countries. Accommodation, meals and transportation charges are almost the same as in developed countries. Please be aware that shooting fees and permission application fees at each location will be slightly high as well. Since we are a local travel agency, we are able to offer varieties of categories of accommodations, transportations, meals, etc. throughout the country according to your budgets.

History of filming coordination 


  • (Shizuoka newspaper and TV) Filming Project about the Hemingway Tournament. (Havana)


  • Fuji TV (New York) Journalistic coverage of the USA President Obama’s visit to Cuba. (Havana)
  • Fuji TV (New York) Journalistic coverage about the AirBnB service in Cuba and the implementation of the use of mass internet on the Island. (Havana)
  • Sankei Newspaper (New York) Journalistic coverage about the use of private homes to promote tourism. (Havana)
  • Asahi TV (Japan) Promotional Filming Project based on Cuban culture, tradition, and tourism. (Throughout the entire Island)
  • NHK (Japan) Filming Project about Cuban and Japanese musicians in Cuba. (Havana, Cienfuegos)


  • Coordination and collaboration work for the development of the book about the Japanese community in Cuba. “Shimazu Miichirou, the 108 years old Japanese, the last of the Japanese who emigrated to Cuba in the early 1900s”, written by Mr. Nakano Kenta.
  • NHK Filming Project for the development of a televisión program about Commander Ernesto Che Guevara (Havana, Santa Clara)

First of all, let us know your interest, objective and information about your filming project !!

We accept all arrangements related to shooting and coverage in Cuba.

  • Prior research
  • Location hunting
  • Arrangement of coordinador, interpreter, driver, models etc
  • Arrangement of accommodation
  • Arrangement of food such as restaurants or catering
  • Arrangement of transportation include international or domestic flight ticket

Procedures will differ based on content, so we will proceed while doing detailed meetings.

Consult us for any inquiries regarding location coordination, shooting, and coverage trips in Cuba


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