Nursing Home in Cuba

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Nursing Home in Cuba

It is no secret that Cuba uses a large sum of money every year to develop its health system. In this way, it has become one of the best in the world. Caring for the elderly is also a vitally important task for the Cuban government.

We Cubans defend the safety and care of our oldest citizens. No matter where they are, there will always be someone to watch over them. The Cuban government during the years of the Revolution has built many homes for the elderly throughout the island so that they can live in peace and harmony. In these places, they can meet new friends who are later considered family because they live together day by day.

In these places, the grandparents are guaranteed their food and comfort. They have beds, sheets, bathrooms, basic necessities, etc. In addition, they receive constant medical check-ups for free by various doctors who look after the health of the elderly. Stomatologists, podiatrists, cardiologists, among others, constantly take care of them. The medication of each of the elderly is guaranteed and free of charge, which is a great effort carried out by the institutions and the Cuban government in general.

The old age is a stage as beautiful as youth or childhood, full of illusions. It is important to make our grandparents feel joyful and always know that they will be cared for and protected.

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