It is known worldwide that Cuba has one of the most effective health systems of the globe. Despite of many obstacles, the Caribbean Island is leader in many branches of pharmaceutical industry and medical care. But, why is the Cuban health system so efficient?

The Cuban health system is based mainly on preventive medicine.

Yes!!!, that kind of medicine that save you before you get sick. How can be this possible??? Around the world, medicine is considered a business; private clinics and hospitals and big drug stores companies make this industry one of the best to invest in. On the other hand, Cuba has created an ecosystem that protects our lives even if we are not sick.


Family doctors, polyclinics, hospitals, research centers, and medicine universities make the Cuban health system an example for others to follow. 

The Coronavirus already affected almost 100% of our planet and countries like Italy, Spain, and United States suffer a very dramatic situation. Cuba and its preventive medicine are showing the world how efficient and powerful can be and it is facing this catastrophic situation like a CHAMPION.

Cuba can produce 23 drugs to treat coronavirus and is working on a vaccine against it. Also, it has a full capacity to supply its anti-viral recombinant INTERFERON ALPHA 2B, one of the medicines chosen by China to counter the COVID 19. 

As health care systems around the world are strained to the point of collapse, Cuban “brigades” have been invited to assist doctors in countries like Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Jamaica, Nicaragua, among others. Cuban doctors and medicine are showing that its health care system is ready for this kind of events and not just for the national area but also for the rest of the planet.

For those who do not know, this is not the first time that Cuba provides evidence of its efficient health system. Cuban doctors were sent to Haiti to fight cholera and to West Africa to fight Ebola. Also, the participation of Cuban doctors in countries of Latin America has been very significant.

Cuba is a small island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea without natural resources and many economic obstacles. However, these problems have not stopped the medicine development in the Island and we can say that Cuban health system is one of the best in the world.