Football or Baseball

//Football or Baseball

Football or Baseball

Baseball is considered the Cuban national sport because of its history and tradition in the Island. However, there is a sport that is catching the attention of millions of Cubans and is stealing the place of really popular sports like boxing, volleyball, track and field, and also baseball. Soccer is a sport that is changing the world and Cuba is not the exception. The image of the children playing baseball on the street in the 1990s is getting dark today; the ball and the bat were changed by a soccer ball and now you can see them trying to imitate their favorite soccer players instead of the Cuban baseball legends like Germán Mesa or Antonio Pacheco.

Debates like “Messi or Cristiano”, “Barza or Madrid”,  are getting one of the most popular in the whole country. Even a lot of 5 and 6 years old boys want to be like Messi or Neymar and they prefer a soccer play over cartoons. Soccer competitions like Champion League, Spanish League, or the World Cup are now one of the best attractions for Cuban people and suffer and celebrate like those people with ancient soccer tradition like Brazilians, Spanish, and Germans.

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