This year 2020 has been plagued with uncertainty and deterioration, both at the economic and social levels and in the global health system. Every day more dead people are left behind by many families. The US continues to be the epicenter of the disease, although Latin America reports maximum levels of infection in recent days.

Cuba, from its part, has kept the infected people rate and deaths rate quite low. This is because they have carried out various strategies of social confinement and their powerful health system at the same level as the best of the world. In addition, they continue to help other peoples to eradicate infections with their now famous team of doctors to which many already want to award the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, in recent days the Island has had new mishaps in the confrontation with Covid-19. Several areas with local transmission have appeared and therefore the cases have increased.

For this reason, Cuba has carried out a more powerful strategy to reduce the number of positive cases and permanently eliminate the virus on the island. New economic and confinement measures will be the ABC of the fight of the Cuban people against Covid-19.