Salsa lessons in Cuba

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Salsa lessons in Cuba

When you think about Cuba, what comes to your mind? For sure Music and Dance are on the top, and
it is because the big amount of rhythms and genres you can find in the Island is renowned worldwide.
‘’Guaguancó’’, ‘’Rumba’’, and specially ‘’Salsa’’ are those rhythms that place Cuban music and dance
on the highest level.

Music and Dance is the daily vitamin for Cuban people, anytime and everywhere, no matter the place,
if it is in a private party or in the middle of the street; no matter the condition or situation, or if it is
Saturday or Tuesday, it is present in all the aspects of Cuban daily life.

Some people say that dancing ‘’Casino’’ (a traditional Cuban dance where several groups are lining up
side by side or dancing to the rhythm of SALSA while changing pairs) keep your soul young; and some
other say that ‘’Casino’’ is a way of living. The truth is that Salsa and Casino are one of the most
famous music genres and dance styles worldwide and that is the reason why Salsa Schools are so
popular these days.

Dance schools in Habana that are teaching these kind of Cuban styles like ‘’Casino’’ are increasing at
the same time tourism is increasing too. More and more people from other countries are interested
in experiencing that kind of dance style that nowadays is really popular not only in the Western side
of the world but also in the Eastern.

If you take a look to the classroom you will realize that a lot of tourists, who are taking lessons at the
school, are spending a really good time. And that is a magic moment; a moment that nobody is
thinking about age, sex, or the color of the skin, they are just thinking about dancing and that is it.
That is the effect of the music and this kind of dance that isolates people from real life.

For those of you, who love Cuban music and dance and even for those who just want to try this part
of Cuban tradition that is catching the attention of thousands of foreign people, we can already make
your dream to become real.

Dance Lessons are already available as one of our options. The classroom is located in a wonderful
colonial building in the middle of Havana Old Town. The teachers, who have excellent dance skills,
can also speak English; this absolutely makes your communication easier.

It is time for you to take advantages of your stay in Cuba. You can arrange as many hours as you want,
you will start from the first basic steps, and even if you decide to have just 1 hour lesson, you will be
definitely able to dance in pair at the end.

Do not think too much, just join us and I am sure you will not regret, everyone is WELCOME.
‘Bailemos en Cuba’, ‘Let’s dance in Cuba’

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