The most popular songs/artist in Cuba 2020

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The most popular songs/artist in Cuba 2020

Music is essential for Cuban people in every day life . You can hear music from various places as you walk along streets.

Today, I would like to introduce some of the Cuban artists and songs that are popular in Cuba right now. If you like music, if you want to listen to unusual music, if you want to enjoy dancing, if you miss those days when you were in Cuba,  check out the  following You Tube link. You’ll be thrilled to just see the city of Cuba as well.

1.Gente de Zona

Cuban unit formed in 2000. The characteristic of their songs is rhythm of traditional Cuban music combined with reggaeton. It was a huge hit in collaboration with Enrique Iglesias and Mark Antony.

2.Leoni Torres

A vocalist, composer and producer from Camaguey, Cuba. One of the most important singer in Cuban music.

3.Jacob Forever

A singer from the state of Camaguey, Cuba. From 2005 to 2013 he belonged to Gente de Zona. “Hasta que se seque el Malecón”, a hit in 2015, was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Singer.

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