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Holguín, “City of Parks”

Holguín province is located on the north coast of Eastern Cuba. It is known as “The City of Parks” due to the many squares and parks that Spanish immigrants built there.

On October 10,1492 Christopher Colombus discovered Cuba and it is through the nothern coast of Holguín, a place known as Bariay, that he entered the Island. It is in this place when he said one of the most important phrases that remained forever in history, “This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen”

Also, Holguín province has great natural wealth and wonderful landscapes which make it an excellent place for ecoturism.

Near the limits of Holguín and Santiago de Cuba we find a place called Birán, the birthplace of the Revolution Leader Fidel Castro.

Hill of the Cross
Guardalavaca Beach
Manaca Estate

How to get to Holguin

Holguín is located on the north coast of eastern Cuba, and the capital, Holguín, is 740 km from Havana and 138 km from Santiago de Cuba.

・From Havana, 1 hour and 40 minutes by airplane

・From Havana, 11 hours by bus

・From Santiago de Cuba, 2 hours by bus

Airplane:From Havana 1-2 flights per day, 1 hour and 40 minutes

Bus:From Havana, 11 hours. The price is approximately 39USD/CUC


By Víazul(http://www.viazul.com/), you may take the bus rute HAVANA/HOLGUIN, or also there is rute HAVANA/SANTIAGO DE CUBA which stops by Holguin.

To guarantee the trip you must make the reservation before the last day before the departure. Often, the last day before the trip all the tickets are sold. You can make the reservation from the site. Please confirm the price in the Bus Station.

Rent a Car is also an option. However, it is kind of complicated the procedure for making the reservation in Cuba. You should make the reservation online and some weeks before your trip.

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