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Project Description

A miniature village on a lake shore surrounded by a haze in the woods

Las Terrazas is a small community and nature reserve located in the municipality of Candelaria, Artemisa Province, which is located in the Rosario Mountains.

Las Terrazas Community was conceived as a miniature city, with basic facilities for its urban functioning and an architectural style based on the harmonization of buildings.

The region’s biggest attraction is its verdant natural surroundings, which are ideal for hiking, relaxing and birdwatching.

The biosphere came under Unesco protection in 1984, following the successful reforestation project. It is now home of 117 bird species, including 12 that are endemic. Also, it has many ruined coffee plantations founded by the French who escaped Haiti after the 1791 Haitian revolution.


Soroa is located just west of Las Terrazas and has a beautiful and rich natural environment that has been designated as a UNESCO ecological reserve.

The name of Soroa is derived from Jean Pierre Soroa, a French coffee plantation owner who lived there in the 19th century. His descendants converted his land a natural park in the 20th century. Many tourists now come to enjoy the rich flora and fauna in this area.

Remains of Buena Vista Coffee Plantation
Arcoiris Waterfall
Soroa Orquid Garden

How to get to Soroa and Las Terrazas

Soroa and Las Terrazas are located in Artemisa province, next to Havana province, especifically in the Sierra del Rosario mountains.

・From Havana 1 hour/80km

・Las Terrazas–Soroa 20 minutes/18km

Bus:From Havana 1hour15minutes、price is about 8USD/CUC

Víazul( between Havana and Vinales, and stop  by Las Terrazas once in a day.

・Havana〜Las Terrazas 8USD/CUC  1hour15minutes

・Vinales〜Las Terrazas 8USD/CUC  2hours


It is better to reserve the bus with enough time (before the last day before the tour). Frequently, the day before the tour all the reservations are sold. You can make the reserve by this site; Viazul , however, check the payment in the Station.

With Taxi, price is between 70-80USD/CUC.


You may rent a car, but renting car is not as easy as you think. It may necessary to book several weeks or months before your trip via online.

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