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Let’s take a deep breath in a easy island

Isle of Youth(Isla de la Juventud ) is a Cuban municipality located in the south of the main island. Originally called the Isle of Pines (Isla de Pinos) until it was renamed in 1978, Isla de la Juventud (Island of Youth) is the second-largest Cuban island.

This island has a long and dramatic history, and with that, dozens of name changes over the years like Isle of Parrots, Treasure Island, Pirate Island, Pine Island, among others.

It was home of the Siboney Indians and a lot of corsairs and pirates that stood in the island leaving an infinity of legends. It was also home of Fidel Castro when he was the prisoner number RN3859 in the Presidio Modelo.

Isle of Youth is a place with a great cultural and historical influence. The amazing coral barrier of the area makes tourists enjoy one of the most beautiful marine ecosystems not just in Cuba, but in the whole Caribbean Sea, with a big variety of tropical fish.

Presidio Modelo
Nueva Gerona
Museo Finca El Abra

Hot to get to Isle of Youth

Isla de la Juventud is an island southwest of the main island of Cuba. Take a plane from Havana or a fast boat from Batabano. Distance is about 60km south of Havana.

・From Havana (40 minutes) by airplane

・From Havana to Batabano is 1 hour by Bus, from Batabano to Isla de la Juventud is 2hours by ferry


Airplane:Havana/Nueva Gerona (2 flights per day, 40 minutes)

Ferry:Batabano/Nueva Gerona (1 round trip per day, 2 hours and 30 minutes)


You may ride on shared bus from Havana to Batabano if you have ferry ticket. Bus ride costs 5CUP. Ticket is available at the bus terminal. Ticket coasts about 45USD/CUC.


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