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Bayamo, the cradle of the nation

Bayamo is located in the Eastern part of Cuba, specifically in Granma province. It was founded on November 5th, 1513 and it is the second oldest city in the island

Bayamo is not just a historical place; but, it also plays a really important role in the culture, economy, and industrialization of the área.

The Independence War in Cuba against Spain started on October 10th, 1868 and everything started in Bayamo. People like Carlos Manuel de Céspedes (Father of the Fatherland), Francisco Vicente Aguilera, and Perucho Figueredo, the creator of La Bayamesa (current National Anthem) wrote the pages of the history of Bayamo and Cuba. It is really important to know that the first time the National Anthem was sung was in Bayamo and this territory became the cradle of the nation.

The house of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
The Anthem Square
Wax museum

How to get to Bayamo

-Bayamo is located in Granma Province on the south on the Eastern part of Cuba

-From Havana (1 hour and 50 minutes) by airplane

-From Havana (13 hours) by bus

-Airplane: From Havana (2 flights per week, 1h and 50 min)

Bus: From Havana (13 hours). The price is approximately 44 usd/cuc

By Viazul ( you take the bus to Santiago de Cuba and then you can stay in Bayamo when the bus goes through this city. Viazul has 4 departures. One more option is the Varadero-Trinidad-Santiago de Cuba route, once the bus goes through Bayamo you can stay there. This route has 1 departure everyday.

To guarantee the trip you must make the reservation before the last day before the departure. Often, the last day before the trip all the tickets are sold. You can make the reservation from the site. Please confirm the price in the Bus Station.

Rent a Car is also an option. However, it is kind of complicated the procedure for making the reservation in Cuba. You should make the reservation online and some weeks before your trip.


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