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Project Description

Welcome to Cuba’s “outdoor museum”

You will experience the illusion of slipping back in time into the colonial era.

Trinidad is Cuba’s oldest and most enchanting city, which used to flourish due to the success of the sugar cane industry. Among the colorful colonial buildings with beautiful ornamental lattice windows, the carriage and classic cars drive along the road like in a painting of the past.

Trinidad’s beauty became public property after UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site in 1988. It is often called an “outdoor museum.”

The city was built on huge sugar fortunes amassed in the adjacent Valle de los Ingenios during the early 19th century. The riches of the town’s pre–War of Independence heyday are still very much apparent in the illustrious colonial-style mansions bedecked with Italian frescoes, Wedgwood china, and French chandeliers.

Plaza Mayor
Valle de los Ingenios
Playa Ancon

How to get to Trinidad

Trinidad is located in the center of Cuba and is easily accessible from many cities in Cuba.

  • 4 hours/315km from Havana
  • 4 hours/270km from Varadero
  • 17  minutes/12km from Playa Ancon
  • 1 hours and 25 minutes/83 km from Cienfuegos

Trinidad by bus:  From Havana, it takes about 6 and a half hours by bus and costs approximately $25 USD/CUC.

Make sure to book your bus ticket at least a day in advance, the buses frequently sell out a day in advance. You can book your tickets here, but prices are cheaper at the bus stations.

Currently, buses run to Trinidad from several cities in Cuba:

  • Havana to Trinidad: ($25 USD/CUC) – 7:00, 10:45, 14:15 (6 hour & 50 min)
  • Vinales to Trinidad: ($37 USD/CUC) – 6:45 (9 hours & 30 min)
  • Varadero to Trinidad: ($20 USD/CUC) – 7:00 (6 hours & 25 min)
  • Cienfuegos to Trinidad: ($6 USD/CUC) – 12:15, 14:40, 15:15, 18:00 (1 hour & 35 min)

If you take a taxi from Havana, it costs approximately $220USD/CUC. For more information, click here.

Renting a car is another option. Booking a car rental in Cuba is not easy, so make sure to book a car several weeks, if not months, in advance online.


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