Within the great mountainous mass of the Sierra Maestra of Cuba, a majestic elevation catches the tourist attention. We are talking about the great Pico Turquino, the highest mountain on the island at 1984m high. Climbing the highest mountain in Cuba has become one of the most interesting attractions on the island and many people decide to have this experience.

The Sierra Maestra is a place full of stories of independence and fighting. The Rebel Army and Fidel Castro as the leader, decided to carry out the war in this zone and from there make their dreams of national liberation possible. The Fidel´s Command and the bust of José Martí at the top of Pico Turquino are some of the most interesting things of the place.

The wonderful views during the tour make travelers to experience the feeling of being alone with nature.

Definitely, climbing the Pico Turquino is once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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