My first Hurricane experience in Cuba – Part 2

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My first Hurricane experience in Cuba – Part 2

The next morning after Hurricane left, the phone had been ringing many times at my friend’s house. (Her nickname is “Mom”.) She also called her family and friends to get news or informed about the damage of Hurricane.
Telephone is a very important tool in Cuba. “I found a place where we can buy toilet papers in Centro Habana.” “My friend is looking for a sofa to buy.” People get information through telephone. They are connected widely and strongly.

After Hurricane

It rained a little in the morning. When rain stopped, neighbors came out from their houses and started to clean the street and their balconies.
I also went out curiously and walked around the neighborhood. Big trees were plucked off from the ground and the street was blocked by broken trees. Electric wires were cut off and hanging in the air. All of these scenes were telling us how frightful the hurricane was.

Trees were knocked down by Hurricane.

When I came back to Mom’s house, she was cleaning everywhere. We didn’t have electricity, so had to finish cleaning before the sunset. In the middle of the day, water was also stopped, so I had to take shower with little water that we kept last night. It was too hot without electric fun, so I didn’t have to heat up water.

The night was so hot without electricity, but I didn’t want to open the window because I was afraid of getting bitten by mosquitos, so couldn’t sleep well.

Water overflowed on the road after Hurricane.

The following day, I walked to the area close to Malecon where the damage was severe. Water overflowed on the road, and it was difficult to walk without my shoes getting dirty. I saw many people carrying baggage and moving to safer places, and also people buying food. Police were gathered around Malecon and working for the traffic control and also removing broken trees.

Malecon was damaged severely.

It has been almost a month since Hurricane Irma attacked Cuba. A large part of the country was damaged, but Havana has recovered quickly to get back the tourism on the track. Only place that is still closed is Malcon street. Cuban people seemed like they were accustomed to hurricane and swept streets quickly. Although the rest of the country, especially North central coast including Cayo Santa Maria continues to struggle, visiting Havana would help the rest of the country recover since the tourism industry is vital for Cuba’s economy.

People who were planning to travel to Cuba might be wondering if they still can travel as they planned, but I would like to say,

“Don’t worry! Please come to Cuba.”

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