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Romantic Honeymoon
with Wedding Photo Sessions in Cuba

March is already here and it proposes,
like every year,
a month full of wonderful events.

Weddings and honeymoons, which flourish in the beautiful spring, are heading the list again. The tropical stunning environment of Cuba and the classic vintage image of the cities make this beautiful island the perfect place for the unforgettable honeymoon you have been waiting for and for a unique style of
wedding photo shoot.

Meet our team of professional photographers

Yumie Suzuki

Japanese photographer. I was born in Japan, studied fine art in the university both in Japan and Sweden. I have traveled over 60 countries for taking photography so far. One day, my father gave me one of his vintage SLR film camera when I was 15 years old and I started to learn photography since then. I studied fine art in the university both in Japan and Sweden. I focus on portrait, travel photography, documentary photography and wedding photography. I try to capture a tiny moment in time beautifully and appreciate if the audience feel the story through my works.

The languages ​​I use:

Japanese (native)
Spanish (fluent)
English (fluent)
French (basic)

My interests: yoga, salsa dancing, trekking, foodie, exploring the world!

Ryo Ohira

I studied BFA photography at the California State University. My lifelong pride is that Steven Spielberg graduated in the same year as me. Before turning 35, to change my mind, I placed myself in a travel agency in Ecuador. I found my vocation, which is a translator’s guide, in Galapagos and then I got a position in Only One Travel.  I’m from Tokyo and I like to photograph stray dogs, fish and bugs.
My favorite snack is Kakinotane, which is a snack that has small rice and peanut cookies.

The languages ​​I use:
Japanese (good)
English (good)
Spanish (bad)

Gerardo Cárdenas

Hi, my name is Gerardo Cardenas, I grew up in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico and in 2001 I moved to Washington DC to work as a software developer at United Nations for ten years, there I had the opportunity to travel all over the world and my closest companion was my camera,
then I found my passion for Photography.
After shooting a couple of friend’s weddings and loved the results, I left behind a whole lot to pursue this dream, shooting weddings and capture the emotions involved with people in love.

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