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Casa Particular字面意思是西班牙語的“私人住宅”。

它與床和早餐或寄宿家庭非常相似,但是古巴的卡薩斯將提供更多的與當地家庭住在一起的經驗,吃自製的古巴美食,從真實的人那裡了解國家的文化和歷史,並且可能 您可能有機會吸煙雪茄或與寄宿家庭啜飲朗姆酒。

古巴有很多國營酒店,經常設在古老的殖民地建築,也是相當不錯的,但是根本無法比擬入住特別的經驗。 寄宿家庭總是在那裡幫助您探索鄰里,但您也獲得了很多隱私。 你可以和他們聊天或者單獨放鬆。


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Casa particular literally means “private home” in Spanish.

It is very similar to bed and breakfast or homestays, but Casas in Cuba will give you such deeper experiences staying with a local family, eating Cuban homemade food, learning about the nation’s culture and history from real people, and you may have a chance to smoke cigars or sip the rum with the host family. There are plenty of nation-run hotels in Cuba, often set in old colonial buildings and they are quite nice as well. But they simply can’t compare to the experience of staying in a Casa particular. The family is always there to help you to explore the neighborhood, but you’re given a lot of privacy as well. You can chat with them or be alone to relax.

Most of casa offer you high standard accommodations in a convenient location at an affordable price. And we pick up only Casas that we trust the hosts as we think that they will give you a good service.